Gothic Miniatures

Gothic miniatures is dedicated to providing rare and unique dollhouse furnishings in the 1/12 scale.

Miniature Creations - 1:12 scale


Show Schedule - 2019


Sat - February 9th


Sat/Sun, October 12th & 13th
10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Gothic Miniatures Creations

Building miniatures is an obsession and a stress realiver....well most of the time it's a stress reliever.  Take a look around the site, visit my ETSY store (see link on the left), or find me on Instagram.

I can also be reached at

Miniature Open Books

From medieval spell books, Alice in Wonderland, book of shadows, fairies, bats, famous artists, maps, steampunk themes to butterflies these open books are by far my most popular item.

The covers are made from faux leather and sometimes real leather with raised spines.  There are over 20 pages of fine linen paper with gold leaf edges or alcohol ink distressing.  

I love custom themes!  Don't hesitate to contact me with requests.

Magical Spilled Spell Scrolls

Building a witch's hut, a Harry Potter scene, a magical laboratory and missing that special something?  Why not grab a spilled magical spell scroll!

These spell scrolls come in multiple colors.  Iridescent bubbles are accented with bubbles in the color of the potion and finished off with a bit of a sparkle.

OOAK Dressed Furniture

I love to find odd furniture pieces and dress them up with my creations.  I incorporate my handmade books, spilled spell potions, scrolls, candles and crystal balls into the furniture.

Most pieces are one of a kind as I find the furniture from other dealers. 

Miniature Leather Books

One of my most popular items is small leather books, that come in all colors. I use these books to decorate the hutches, desks, tables and other furniture pieces that I sell.  These are perfect when paired with dripping candles and crystal balls.

Each book is made with real leather. I make each book individually and yes I have to cut them to size, paint them, etc.